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BLE has been instrumental in helping Grace Bible Church develop discipleship minded Christians understand God’s purpose for their work and view their workplace as His mission field.

Claude Hungerford

Associate Pastor Grace Bible Church, La Vernia, TX

BLE studies have helped many in our fellowship realize their career is their pulpit for ministry.   As a result, people are more boldly impacting others for Christ through their work who would probably never step foot through the front door of our church.

Lee Evans

Ministry Leader at Hunter’s Glen Baptist Church, Plano TX 

Being a part of the BLE study in my office has definitely allowed me to be a part of a community that helps me have a missional mindset within our industry. It’s amazing that I have God and a family of people I can go to for spiritual counsel.

Erik Ramos

Residential Realtor

Being in a BLE small group at my office has enhanced my spiritual growth in the workplace… it has had a great impact on my business relationships.

Marcia Culbertson

Senior Commercial Property Manager

The BLE small group studies have had a remarkable impact on my marriage, my relationship with my kids and my relationships at work.

Jaimie Hayne

Insurance Company CEO

Serving Churches to Make Disciples in the Marketplace

The workplace is the largest unreached people group in the world. Unfortunately, the majority of believers have an undeveloped theology of work and little training or vision in how to live biblically in their work.

BLE has been honored to partner with local churches in developing fruitful workplace ministries. Our approach is to come alongside church leaders and staff with the purpose of developing leaders within the church who can reproduce their efforts into the lives of others in the marketplace.

Local Churches - Woman Teaching
Local Churches - Men Collaborating
Local Churches - Teams Collaborating

Guidelines for Establishing a Successful Workplace Ministry in Your Church

Local Churches - Ready to Serve

Intercede – Pray for God’s leading, timing, vision and future leaders for the workplace ministry.

Invite – Invite a BLE representative to pray and strategize with you in light of your particular church’s needs.

Identify – Identify two leaders who will take responsibility for the workplace ministry under the supervision of the respective church staff leader.

Introduce – Introduce the church’s vision for workplace ministry through sermons, seminars, videos, testimonies and Bible study groups. *

Invest – Allocate ample resources for vision development, training and materials for leaders to be equipped.

*BLE has resources to assist pastors with sermons, seminars, videos, testimonies and studies

BLE Vision Casting Resources for Churches

Workplace Ministry Seminar

This Biblical based power point seminar with real life testimonies and videos provides foundational perspectives and principles on God’s divine purpose and plan for work. Real life testimonies and videos. (2 hours)

Workplace Ministry Seminar

This training workshop will lay the foundation for ministry leaders within the church to be equipped in starting and sustaining a long-term workplace ministry in the church. (4 hours or can be in 2 hours session)

Workplace Ministry Seminar

BLE has partnered with churches in providing sermons or teaching sessions to broaden the congregation’s vision and commitment to living a fully integrated and missional life in the workplace. Series can be adapted for sermons or retreats to align with the church’s current priorities.

BLE can help you develop mature disciples from your congregation in the workplace.